Frequently Asked Questions

Both creation methods involve retrieval of test words via photo taken on spelling list. 

For Creation via Album: 

  • The retrieval of test words is done by single test word/sentence ONE at a time. This method will ensure the words captured in the crop region will be inserted precisely as single cell in the spelling list table. 

For Creation via Document Scan:

  • This method involves more algorithmic steps at the back-end processes to assist the prediction of the right break points as different test words/sentences. With the best-guess break-points detected through the scanning on the crop region, the app will help to insert these different test words/sentences as individual cell in the spelling list table within just ONE creation step [ vs Creation via Album to repeat same steps for multiple words/sentences ]. As there could be various different possibilities / formats of how the photo of the spelling list being taken / cropped, the auto-insertion to enable batch creation of multiple words in 1 single creation task may not be perfectly well fit as expected.

Creation via Album would be good for more accurate insertion into a single cell in the spelling list table but may involve repetition steps when needs to create for multiple words/sample sentences whilst Creation via Document Scan enables faster creation in ONE single step but auto-insertion may not be precisely well fit due to various possibility of the crop images / original photo condition and its format.

When the test date mentioned in the spelling card during creation stage has passed ( which means the actual spelling test is over ), if you have purchased the Premium Features, you can find all your previously created spelling cards in the archived folder. 

  • Tap the Settings icon, scroll down to Archived Spelling Cards

However, if you are just using the basic free plan of SpellingBuddy, all spelling cards which the test dates are over will be removed from the main display page and discarded automatically.

All newly created tags will be captured and stored in the tag list automatically, so they can be reused conveniently when creating new spelling card and make available to other existing spelling cards as well. If you want to remove any tag that displays in the tag list, follow this step

  • Tap the Settings icon, scroll down to Tag Option, under Currently Available Tags, look for the tag that you want to delete and tap the X icon next to it.

Tap on the the spelling card that you want to delete and swipe to the left. You will see a red color section with Trash icon. Tap on the Trash icon to delete the card.

To use Live Text on camera during new test words creation, you need one of the followings :

On iPhone

iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or later with iOS 15 or later.

On iPad

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen or later), iPad Pro 11-inch (all models), iPad Air (3rd gen or later), iPad (8th gen or later), iPad mini (5th gen or later) with iPadOS 15.1 or later.

For further details, kindly refer to

Alternatively, you can take a picture of the test words and use Creation via Album Photo or Creation via Document Scan to create your spelling card.

If you have purchased the Premium plan, you will have all features unlocked for you upon successful transaction via Apple AppStore payment flow. You shall see an alert message prompted to inform you all features have been unlocked. If you still don’t see your current plan is reflected, close the app and restart it again.

Tap Settings (gear icon), you shall see the current plan reflected to Premium User. At this stage,

  • you have no restrictions on number of spelling cards that you can create on the Main Page.
  • all spelling card Stats icon are enabled. You are able to view past attempts and their scores.
  • you have access to Settings –> Archived Spelling Cards if there are any spelling cards with test dates are over. [ Not included overdued spelling cards that were created before subscription to Premium plan ]

You can contact us through the in-app Feedback & Support link

  • Tap the Settings icon, scroll down to Feedback & Support

If the email client configuration is not set up on your device, the support link may not be able to initialize successfully. In that case, you can email us at

Yes sure! We love to hear your experience using SpellingBuddy. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have some suggestions to improve the usability of SpellingBuddy. While we can’t promise all features suggested will be included due to other development works we have on-hands, we will try our best to enhance the functionalities of SpellingBuddy as a whole.

You are welcome to send us your ideas/suggestions via or tap the Settings icon, scroll down to Feedback & Support.