About SpellingBuddy

Spelling buddy is a free app developed by AIdeaBuddy to help children to revise their spelling without waiting for someone to read out the test word for them. Children can practise their spelling list anytime and as many rounds as they need without pressure. There are various creation options available. Just pick the one that most fit the need. Instant marking will be done right after the test submission.

As much as possible, we offer essential features free to benefit more children who would like to practise spelling on their own. To sustain timely maintenance and updates aligned to the periodic OS upgrade on Apple IOS platform, we offer additional features with a very affordable fee of just one time payment of SGD $5.98 in order to continue supporting the development of SpellingBuddy.

Free features
  • Creation of Spelling Cards and Listing of maximum 2 spelling cards : All creation options unlocked including auto-insertion through Document Scan
  • Testing : Test words + read out of sample sentence if it is included during creation

PREMIUM FEATURES : Unlocked with one-time payment of SGD $5.98

  • Unlimited creation and listing of spelling cards
  • Stats view outlining all past attempts, capturing words that spelled wrongly the most in previous trials
  • Retention of past spelling cards in archived folder, enabling overall revision approaching final term test or year end exam

We sustain our works through support on In-App Purchase and do not earn through selling data. Your privacy remains private to you. If you like this business model and philosophy, kindly consider supporting our product via the In-App purchase for Premium Features. Together we make affordable tailored applications to meet the specific learning needs of children.

Thank you!

Developed with love,