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Spelling List Creation

Various Creation Options Available

SpellingBuddy has various options to ease the creation of spelling list. You can now use your camera or photo of spelling list to enable fast creation with best-guess text insertion feature. Formatting of emphasized test word from sample sentence is also available for each option.

Gentle reminder

Keep track of upcoming tests

Never miss your revision routine.

You can set reminders for all the spelling cards and choose your preferred time to have the reminder prompt-out, aligning to your own study routine. The main page with all upcoming spelling tests enable you to have an overview on which one to prioritise. No more worries of losing the physical paper or frustration of missing out the revision, reducing unnecessary tension.


Spelling TEST IN action

Practise anytime with SpellingBuddy

Instant marking to know your score

You no longer need to wait for your siblings or parents to read out the words for you. You can practise your spelling test anytime and know your score right after the test. Take charge of your own revision and practise with no pressure!

Statistics of past test attempts

Know what confuse you

Work on area of improvement

Every spelling card will capture your past attempts. You can get an overview to know which words tend to confuse you and thus need more focus to write them out correctly.

This overview is particularly useful for you to have an overall practice when preparing for your Term, Semester or Final exam. Don’t lose marks because of wrongly spelled words. Practise more with SpellingBuddy !


Multiple Creation Options

Choose creation option that most fits your need

Easy Tagging

Add tag to specify context for relevancy and easy identification

Revise on Your Own

Practise spelling test without waiting for someone to read out test words

Practise without Pressure

You can repeat the same spelling card as many rounds as you need

Identify Weaknesses

Know words that confuse you the most via Stats feature

Deliberate Practice

Overall revision on past spelling cards and focus on wrongly spelled words

Let's try SpellingBuddy!

Practise anytime and as many rounds as you need without pressure

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