Frequently Asked Questions

SpellingBuddy 2.0

Both creation methods involve retrieval of test words via a captured image.

For Creation using Camera : 

  •  This method involves the use of camera len to capture the document of interest. The app will detect the edges of the document and capture its image automatically. User can then crop out the test word region and extracted words will be tabulated into a list. Captured image will be discarded after the creation process.

For Creation using Photo :

  • This method involves the use of a photo readily available in the device album. User selects the relevant document photo and crops out the words of interest. Extracted words will then be tabulated into a list automatically.

After the words extraction, if sample sentence is included, user can do further word formatting such as “Bold”, “Underline” or both to emphasize which word within the sentence is subject to actual spelling test. If no text formatting is applied, all words captured will be subject to spelling test.

For spelling card that is created with the test date specified, once the test date is over, the particular spelling card will be automatically moved to the Archived tab.

For spelling card that is created without test date specified, the particular spelling card will stay within the School-Assign or Extra-Practice tab. User can then decide when to manually archive or delete the card. To do so,  tap on the spelling card, hold and swipe-left to reveal the Archive and Delete buttons.

Spelling cards that are created without a test date specified will stay in the current tab until a manual archive action is applied. Therefore, these cards will have the Archive button when the swipe-left action is applied to the card.

Whereas for spelling cards that are created with test dates, these cards will move to the Archived tab automatically once the test dates have passed. For these cards, no Archive button will be displayed.

To move out a spelling card from Archive tab, 

  • Tap the Edit button of the spelling card, then tap on Edit Card Info. Switch on Test Date and select a future date from the date picker.

Once done, tap on Update, followed by Save on the next page. The spelling card will be moved back to the main School-Assign or Extra-Practice tab accordingly.

Tap on the the spelling card that you want to delete and swipe to the left. You will see a red color Trash icon. Tap on the Trash icon to delete the card.

On the Home tab, tap and hold on the user profile that you intend to delete until you see a red icon on the top left of the user picture indicating the deletion button is activated. Tab on the red icon, the user profile and all of the associated spelling cards, test results, stickers and rewards of that user will be deleted.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings -> User Profiles, select the user profile that you intend to delete and hit the Delete Profile button.

At Home tab, either on School Assign or Extra Practice section, tap on the Create New Spelling Card button, you will see Restore Sample Spelling button, tap on the button and all Demo related features will be restored.

To ensure consistency of the statistics of all past attempts on the same spelling card, modification of test words is therefore not allowed once the test has been started. However, you are still able to update the Test Date and Setup Reminder fields if there is a change in the test schedule.

To create test words using Camera / Photo, your device shall be installed with iOS16+ / iPadOS 16+ 

On iPhone

iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or later

On iPad

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen or later), iPad Pro 11-inch (all models), iPad Air (3rd gen or later), iPad (8th gen or later), iPad mini (5th gen or later).

For further details, kindly refer to

If you have purchased the Premium plan, you will have all features unlocked for you upon successful transaction via Apple AppStore payment flow. It may take some times for the payment processing and transaction verification. Once this process is completed,  you shall see an alert message prompted to inform you all features have been unlocked.  At the top of the Settings tab,  you will see the current plan being refreshed to display as Premium User. If you still don’t see your current plan reflected, close the app and restart it again.

Tap Settings (gear icon), you shall see the current plan reflected to Premium User. At this stage,

  • you have no restrictions on the number of user profile creation
  • you have no restrictions on the number of spelling cards that you can create per user
  • you can create personalized reward voucher for user to redeem when they have cumulated 10 stickers representing 10 times of full mark spelling they have achieved.
  • user can redeem their personalized reward voucher with redemption link Claim Rewards is enabled if they are qualified for the reward.

As much as possible, we test extensively the features in the app before releasing it to the public. We continuously improve the product with periodic fixes and feature enhancements. Shall you face the crash while using the app, you may perform the followings :

  • Update the app in the Apple App Store to its latest version release
  • If a particular spelling card causes crashes, delete that spelling card and recreate it with the latest version of the app.
  • Avoid creating and testing gigantic spelling lists with super long sentences as this will consume the device memory and force the app to close if there are other multiple active heavy-loading activities at the background.

You may also email us at if you face issues using the app.

You can contact us through the in-app Feedback & Support link

  • Tap the Settings icon, scroll down to Feedback & Support

If the email client configuration is not set up on your device, the support link may not be able to initialize successfully. In that case, you can email us at

Yes sure! We love to hear your experience using SpellingBuddy. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have some suggestions to improve the usability of SpellingBuddy. While we can’t promise all features suggested will be included due to other development works we have on-hands, we will try our best to enhance the functionalities of SpellingBuddy as a whole.

You are welcome to send us your ideas/suggestions via or tap the Settings icon, scroll down to Feedback & Support.